Better information for better care

Alēthus is developing accurate, painless, and affordable diagnostics
for disease management and improved health
with the patient in mind.



Alēthus is the Greek word for “truth,” the name chosen to reflect the company’s mission to establish accurate diagnostics grounded in the most direct quantification of an analyte. 

Founded in 2011, Alēthus has been awarded four patents for its groundbreaking work in wavefront discrimination optics, the foundation of its technology for non-invasively quantifying analytes in the human body. Using a combination of its patents and trade secrets learned over nearly a decade of research, Alēthus has directly detected glucose in vivo and been able to demonstrate its proof of principle by quantifying glucose in healthy volunteers as well as people with diabetes. In collaboration with clinicians and scientists from institutions around the world, Alēthus has acquired a unique understanding and perspective on the noninvasive detection of glucose and the promises and pitfalls of each approach.


This innovation will facilitate point-of-care as well as patient-administered tests to be conducted with more frequency and without inaccuracies due to inconsistent blood draw, sensor placement, or finger pricking technique. Most importantly for the patient, noninvasive measurement eliminates pain, anxiety, or risk of inflammation and infection. Removing the barriers to more frequent and painless testing, enables the ability to collect abundant information that translates to improved understanding of disease progression, timely modifications to lifestyle, exercise and nutrition as well as optimized therapies and regimens. It also results in making chronic disease management available via tele-health and other modalities to a larger proportion of the population.

Since 2018, several factors have now aligned that make the timing right for bringing Alēthus technology to market. New components have become available to design and manufacture a device that could be used in clinical trials, and, ultimately, by patients and providers everywhere. Finally, rapid shifts in business and care delivery models for chronic disease management has created a demand for the type of information and technology that Alēthus is dedicated to developing.

Leadership: Experience & Vision

Alēthus consists of individuals with expertise in entrepreneurship, physics and mathematics, computer science and engineering, medical devices, and business development. Our core technology team has an extensive track record of solving some of the most difficult problems in the world through innovation and perseverance.

Our management brings together vision and leadership skills with proven successes in prior and technology-centric business ventures, both domestic and international.